2017-2018 Budget Process, West Seattle Tree Cutting Update, In-District Office Hours, Hate-Free Delridge, Landmark Status Application for Two Buildings in the West Seattle Junction


On Monday, September 26 Mayor Murray will release his proposed 2017-2018 city budget, marking the beginning of the Council’s budget process. Budget Committee Chair Burgess has announced a revised process and schedule, which will provide for enhanced public consideration of the Chair’s proposed balancing package during November. Some of the work preceding that will be frontloaded: deadlines for Councilmembers to first submit proposals for publication are earlier; on the other hand, any individual Councilmember can put forward a formal proposal. Previously, three sponsors were needed. Here are key dates an opportunities to get involved:

  • September 26: Mayor Murray releases his proposed budget
  • September 29: Budget Overview
  • October 5: first public hearing, 5:30 p.m.: this is an opportunity to request that Councilmembers sponsor changes (or not make changes) to the Mayor’s proposed budget
  • October 6-10: Department Overviews: this is an opportunity to ask budget-related questions of featured departments; feel free to send me potential questions (Councilmembers can also submit written budget-related questions as well)
  • October 11: deadline for Councilmembers to develop proposals for inclusion in the “Budget Deliberations” written materials: work will need to begin earlier, especially for items that require additional information
  • October 17: deadline for Council proposals to be considered in Chair’s Initial Balancing package to be released on November 2
  • October 17-24: Budget Deliberations: this an opportunity for Councilmembers to propose specific changes to the Mayor’s proposed budget, and request that Council Central Staff raise
  • October 25: second public hearing; this will be an opportunity to speak to Councilmember proposals announced during Budget Deliberations and influence the Chair’s Initial Balancing Package
  • November 2: Chair’s initial balancing package
  • November 4 @ 5 p.m.: deadline for Councilmembers to propose changes to Chair’s initial balancing package (so if you want any changes to Chair’s initial proposal, the 2nd to the 4th will be busy days); three Council sponsors are needed for formal proposals
  • November 9-10: Discussion of Proposed Changes to Chair’s Initial Balancing package
  • November 15-16: Committee Votes on Chair’s Revised Balancing Package; Councilmember amendments must be self-balancing, and require majority vote for consideration
  • November 21: Final Committee Votes; Full Council Vote

Please send me questions or budget suggestions you may have. An earlier blog post has additional information.

West Seattle Tree Cutting Update

On Tuesday the City Attorney filed two civil lawsuits over the unauthorized cutting of 150 trees on public land in West Seattle. You can see the City Attorney’s announcement and read the complaints here.

The statement I issued is copied below.

Councilmember Herbold Statement on City Attorney’s Filing of West Seattle Tree-Cutting Lawsuits

SEATTLE – Councilmember Lisa Herbold (District 1, West Seattle & South Park) issued the following statement in response to the City Attorney’s filing of the West Seattle Tree-Cutting Lawsuits:

“I thank the City Attorney’s Office for filing two civil lawsuits this morning to address the illegal cutting of 150 trees in West Seattle earlier this year. I appreciate the use of a full range of the legal remedies available for civil suits, including timber trespass, which allows for 3x damages.

“The $1.6 million total in damages and fines sought by the City speaks to the seriousness of the claims. The damages and penalties must be significant enough to deter this kind of activity in the future, so that those with financial means don’t see unauthorized tree cutting as a cost-effective way to increase their views and property values.

“These trees played an important role in maintaining soil stability in an environmentally critical area, and lessened the risk of landslides onto a major arterial, SW Admiral Way. They also helped maintain air quality by absorbing carbon—an important issue in West Seattle, which sits adjacent to SODO and the Duwamish industrial area.

“I understand the Seattle Police Department’s criminal investigation is ongoing. My hope is that the Department will eventually be able to establish probable cause for pursuing criminal charges. However, I appreciate the difficulty they face, given that persons believed to be involved are declining to cooperate with investigators, and the legal standard needed to establish probable cause for criminal charges and to prove those charges beyond a reasonable doubt.”

In-District Office Hours

I will be at the Southwest Customer Service Center (2801 SW Thistle St.) September 30, from 2:00pm – 7:00pm (Sorry these are a little reduced from normal hours, but there’s an immoveable event I am attending). The final meeting of the day will be at 6:30pm. These hours are walk-in friendly, but if you would like to let me know you’re coming in advance you can email my scheduler Alex Clardy (alex.clardy@seattle.gov).

Hate Free Delridge

Come join in this fantastic event!

As seen on the WS Blog: Dubbed a “party with a purpose,” the Hate-Free Delridge Community Gathering will be held September 24th in the Thelma Dewitty Theater at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. Doors will open at 4 pm, with free dinner at 5 pm. Bring a dessert to share, if you wish! All Delridge-area residents are invited, as well as the broader West Seattle community.

Hate-Free Delridge wants people to have fun, too. So, there will be music provided by local musicians, and open-microphone time for attendees to share their thoughts or, if so inclined, perform a song or two. A PA system, mixer, speakers, and microphones will all be provided. Activities for kids are planned as well.

An after-party is planned at The Skylark across the street (3803 Delridge Way SW) for anyone who wishes to continue the conversation and have a cool one.









I caught up with the event organizer Susan Lebow to learn a little more about the group:

“It was a grass roots push from the neighborhood that developed into the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center – the community wading pool and all the amenities at the Delridge Community Center – a library – some restaurants – the community pea patches – edible forest – all the lovely neighborhood things that makes us feel like Delridge is great. So again we have to come together to find ways to make us feel safer from the hate that has shown its face here in Delridge. Again it is a grass roots effort – the roots that grow a mighty tree – so we want to know your ideas – and if you would join the Hate Free Delridge volunteer group to begin to plan for the next renaissance here in Delridge. So please enjoy a meal together – The menu is by Miriam Cervantes. And enjoy the music from the amazing talent right here in Delridge.”


The Campbell Building (Cupcake Royale) and the Hamm Building (Easy Street Records) in the West Seattle Junction have been nominated for Landmark Status by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society. The nominations are listed on their website.

In March the West Seattle Junction Historical Survey Group presented their report, What makes the West Seattle Junction special? in the Council committee I Chair. The report concluded both buildings met the criteria for landmark designation.

The West Seattle Blog has additional information and the announcement.

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