This Week in Council Budget Deliberations; Delridge Grocery Co-op Groundbreaking

This Week in Council Budget Deliberations

Last week the Council’s Budget Committee considered Council Budget Actions proposed by individual Councilmembers.

The next step in the Council’s budget deliberations will be for Budget Committee Chair Sally Bagshaw to propose an initial Council Budget Proposal, adjusted from the Mayor’s proposed budget to include Councilmember priorities, at the Budget Committee meeting on November 6th. Councilmembers can then propose amendments to the initial Council Budget Proposal by November 8th.  Those potential new amendments are scheduled to be discussed on November 13th.

Here’s a link to the Budget Committee schedule.  Budget Committee meeting agendas and materials are available here. A description of the Council’s budget process is linked here.

Here’s information about some of my priority proposals that were discussed in the Budget Committee last week:

District 1 Specific Proposals:

Citywide Proposals:

Public Safety and Public Health

Homelessness and Housing

  • Add funding for rental assistance for those at-risk of becoming homeless.
  • Add funding for a diaper distribution pilot program for families in need to provide diapers for children in enhanced shelters, basic shelters, and tiny home villages.
  • Add funding to the Department of Construction and Inspection for two new positions to support tenant and property owner outreach and education.

Civil Rights

Transportation and Utilities

Economic Development and Arts/Culture

Delridge Grocery Co-op Groundbreaking

Congratulations to the Delridge Grocery Co-op for their groundbreaking event on Saturday. This project began in 2009 and now it’s becoming a reality.  Special thanks to the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC), which has made this space available for several years in anticipation of this exciting new development.

Delridge has long been considered a food desert, with low income residents living more than a mile from the nearest supermarket, as shown in the 2017 USDA map below.

The Delridge Grocery Coop has over 500 owners. You can sign up to become one here.



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